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Tub Chairs! My favourite :)


Acquiring an awesome piece of furniture that transforms a dull looking corner of your home is a feeling you cannot explain. I know this feeling too well and experience it this week when I bought for myself a beautiful tub chair for my living room!

Not only has it become the centre piece in my living room area, it also draws multiple 'ooh's' and 'aaah's' from visitors every time someone drops by to our home.

In today’s times, these chairs are gaining significance due to their aesthetic appeal and that is why various manufacturers have come up with varied designs, suited to every conceivable taste.

Everything comes with a price tag, that’s true. But, here we are not talking about the cost but the value that is attached to a commodity. If you are willing to invest in an occasional chair, you need to go searching and digging for some information before you drop the cash - so to speak!

In this guide I have quickly put together, we will look at why these chairs are so popular in home and offices all over the country.

What is your favourite colour? Would it be pink, red, yellow, green, black, white, blue or purple? It really doesn't matter because tub chairs come in EVERY colour you desire.
I picked up a gorgeous red one just 3 days ago in my local furniture store. It is covered in real leather, has a gorgeous studding pattern, is ever so comfortable and really looks the part! My wife was blown away the minute he saw it sitting proudly in the living room. After a long day at work she was ready for a proper sit down to watch the soaps on TV and she did that in style that evening while perched handsomely on the tub chair we had just invested in.

You can get these anywhere these days! Argos, TK Maxx, Amazon and small sites such as - heck, even your local discount store might stock them from time to time.

Obviously buying online is the best for finding bargains. But I do not mind paying a little extra and checking out the various options that are on offer in my local furniture superstores. Cleaning them is also a doddle. The leather versions just wipe clean with a damp cloth. We haven't used it enough yet to clean it but judging by the information pack that came with the chair this seems super quick and super easy.

I love my red leather tub chair! They look great and add a touch of class to your living room area. I will post up a picture as soon as I get one taken!